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Fonco Studios specializes in creating the unusual and unbelievable. We can produce your entire project or collaborate with your team to fill in the missing pieces in your production.

Our 16,000 square foot facility includes production, art department, set/prop fabrication, model shop, creature shop, costume, wardrobe, glamour and SPFX make-up, performance capture, combat training school, fight choreography, green screen, sound booth and stages. Learn More >


At Fonco, we don’t simply do the work with an attention to detail; our creative team focuses on making the hard work as fun and easy for you as possible, while including you in the process. Fonco can produce your movie, music video or commercial from pre-production design and development, to production and photography, all the way through post-production. We can also join your production team to help in any area you want to collaborate in. We can help complete your vision.

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Like every department at Fonco, our design team combines the best of traditional art, like illustration, mock-ups, and sculptures, with technology, like laser scanning, 3d printing and computer modeling, to help you realize your sets, props, costumes, environments, robots, creatures, and spaceships for any kind of projects, including motion pictures, commercials, new media and product development. Whatever world you can imagine, we can bring to reality.

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We can bring to life your imagination’s greatest sets, props, costumes, mock-ups, sculptures, miniatures, environments, robots, creatures, puppets, vehicles, architecture, products and SPFX.

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See our stage rental packages which include on-hand and custom built sets.

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Cine­matography & Photography

Let Fonco take the headache out of planning and shooting your project with our talented producers, crew, cinematographers and artists. Fonco can shoot your movie, music video, commercial or live stream. We can also join your production team to help in any area you need collaboration on.

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Post Production

Fonco does post-production editing, sound and color grading internally and have our very own sound booth for voice-over, narration or ADR.

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Noitom Performance Capture

Fonco houses Noitom's showroom and MoCap volume capable of AR/VR playback and development, performance capture for video games, new media, television and movies and virtual production using optical and inertial body, face, hand and object tracking in tandem with technology from Perception Neuron, OptiTrack, Vive, Oculus, HI5 and Dinamixyz. Volume includes sound booth for animation and video game dialogue recording as well as ADR.

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